Annual report of Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company

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Hudson & Manhattan  Railroad Company

39th Annual Report

The trains are operated on a frequent and regular schedule between the two states.
They are not subject to the disruption that often besets the bus lines. The
dependability of Hudson Tubes service was demonstrated repeatedly in the winter
of 1947-8, particularly during the record snowstorm of the holiday season when
the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad became the great and for a time practically
the sole reliance of the public for trans-Hudson journeyings.

Your railroad is a rapid transit facility; rapid transit service Is what It furnishes
the public at an expense far less than its heavily subsidized vehicular competitors.
Such service by its nature is not and cannot be de-luxe In all aspects but your Board
of Directors has sought unceasingly In the last year to expedite the flow of traffic
and, by modernization and readjustments of operations and of organization, to
provide a public facility of the highest order. All of this has been undertaken with
the best Interests of the Company's security-holders in mind and with taxes and
unavoidable higher labor costs the major Increases In expenses.

Two items of future significance are called especially to your attention and
receive further reference in this report. One Is the recommendation of Examiner
Koch, of the Interstate Commerce Commission, for a changed formula for the
division of the joint service rates with The Pennsylvania Railroad on operations
between Newark and New York.

The other Is the move instituted by the Hon. Alfred E. Driscoll, Governor of
New Jersey, for the construction of a great rail-plane terminal at Newark Airport
that with the co-operation of existing rail facilities would have direct connection
with Manhattan; and for the further expansion of transit facilities with a view to
the full realization of the advantages of the strategic location of communities in
northern New Jersey. Your Company has extended Its co-operation to the
Governor and deems his program one of the greatest and most desirable objectives
to the future of the Metropolitan District's transportation system.

Newly-installed turnstiles in operation at Hudson Terminal {left} and at ihe 55rd Street Station.
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