Annual report of Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company

(New York, N.Y. :  Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Company  )



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Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company

1948 Annual Report


William T. Rossell, Chairman
J. Crawford Compton
Joseph J. Cummins
Paul de Gategno
William J. Egan

Henry K. Peelle. Pre.ndent
David S. Fischman
John S. Kroese
Jack Marqusee
Charles Passannante


William T. Rossell, Chairman                    Hexrv li. Peelle, President

David S. Fischman, Chairman of the ]*!xecutive Committee Passannante  - First Vice President

J. Crawford Compton   -    -    -    -   Executive
Vice President

JoHx R. Grove    ----- Vice President
in Charge of Operations

Edmund M. Blake   - General Superintendent

William A. Davis    -    -    -    -Superintendent
of Buildings

Ferdinand F. Winberg     - Purchasing Agent

Walter L. Drill ----- Secretary
Luella L. Keff - - - Assistant Secretary
W'esley S. Twiddy ----- Treasurer
William F. Franklin - Assistant Treasurer
John J. Fritsch -.---- Comptroiler
Frank U. Masterson    Assistant Comptroller

General Counsel
Fulton, Walter & FIalley, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 20, X. Y.

Registrar of Capital Stock
Guaranty Trust Company of New York, 140 Broadway, New York 7, N. Y.

Transfer Agent
Lawyers Trust Comp.any, 111 Broadway, New \ ork 6, N. Y.

*As of March 1, 1949.
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