Annual report of Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company

(New York, N.Y. :  Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Company  )



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Board of Directors

Morris Cohon

Chairman of the Board

John W. Campbell

Vice Chairrruxn of the Board
and Chairman of the Executive Committee

James J. Crisona
Walter L. Drill

Walter J. Fried

William Reid


Frederick Y Goess

George E Lewis

Jack Marqusee

Charles Passannante

General Officers


William Reid


Walter L. Drill

Executive Vice President and Secretary

C. Lloyd Egner

Vice President-Commercial Enterprises

Tedford E. Schoonover

Vice President-Personnel

John J. Sterling

General Superintendent


Special Assistant to the President

John T McCann

Director of Labor Relations

John R. Grove

Vice President-Railroad

Wesley S. Twiddy


Luella L. Neff

Assistant Secretary

Richard E. White

Superintendent of Buildings

John J. Fritsch


Robert G. McAndrew

Purchasing Agent

Harold Kahen

General Attorney

General Counsel

Crisona Brothers,

42 Broadway, New York 4, N. Y.

Real Estate Rental Agents

Spear & Co., Inc.,

30 Church Street, New York 7, N. Y.

Registrar of Capital Stock

Guaranty Trust Company of New York.

140 Broadway, New York 7, N. Y.

Transfer Agent

Registrar and Transfer Company,

50 Church Street, New York 7, N.Y.
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