Columbia Library columns (v.1(1951Fall-1952May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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Friendship Without A Price Tag

When I choose my friend I will not stay till I have received a kind¬
ness; but I will choose such a one that can do me many if I need
them; but I mean such kindnesses which Tnake me wiser, and which
make me better.                                           jeremy taylor

"HEN the invitations to join the Friends of the Colum¬
bia Libraries first went out, a leaflet was enclosed list¬
ing privileges and obligations. The privileges were
many; the obligations simply: "An annual contribution of five
dollars or more."

To ask someone to be your friend, and in the next breath to
ask him for five dollars (or more): isn't that rather a dubious

The necessity of reprinting the leaflet brought this question to
the attention of the Council. The more we thought about it, the
more it seemed that friendship didn't belong either in the bargain
basement or anywhere else in the store.

Now of course, the Libraries need the help of their Friends. Of
course we need money to run this organization, to publish the
COLUMNS, and to put on exhibitions and meetings. But we feel
uncomfortable about offering friendship with a five-dollar price

So we have done away even with that lowly minimum, and are
asking the Friends to set their own pace in supporting us. You will
find on page 35 of this issue the results of all these soul-search-
ings. Please read them. Then respond in your own way. We think
that only friendship unconstrained can make the Columbia
Libraries "wiser and better."
  v.1,no.2(1952:Feb) : Page 1