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  v.2,no.2(1953:Feb): Page 28  

2 8                                    Roland Baughman

which needs special treatment—perhaps from Avery's special col¬
lection. This I realize is not 'books or other material, or cash/ but
I venture to make this offer . . . because I feel very strongly that
any great institution can materially strengthen its organization by
recognizing and utilizing the specialized knowledge and abilities
of its staff."

Other Recent Gifts

Art Catalogs. A collection of 357
important sales catalogs reflecting
noted European private art col¬
lections over the past century.
Fr077t Samuel Silverman.

Inscribed Editions. A group of 28
autographed copies of works
by contemporary authors, auto¬
graphed to the donor; other vol¬
umes by earlier writers; and a
check from Fields, Osgood & Co.
to Harriet Beecher Stowe, August
18, 1870, countersigned by her.
Fro77t Professor and Mrs. Doiiald
L. Clark.

Ford Peace Expedition. A collec¬
tion of pamphlets, documents,
clippings, photographs, etc., re¬
lating to the Ford Peace Expedi¬
tion of World War I. Fro77i Mary
Alden Hopkins.

Chinese Bronzes. Senoku seisho, a
catalog in 12 volumes describing
old bronzes in the collection of
the late Baron Sumitomo. Pro¬
fusely illustrated and containing
detailed explanatory notes by
leading   authorities.    From    the

Tokyo office of the SumitoTno


Whitman Writings. Various
American magazines containing
early printings of poems, essays,
etc., by Walt Whitman, Samuel
Clemens, and others. Fro?72 Mrs.
Frank J. Sprague.

Famous Bibles. A set of 60 original
leaves from famous Bibles, 1121-
1935, issued for exhibit purposes
by Otto F. Ege, Cleveland School
of Art and Western Reserve Uni¬
versity, ca. 1935. From Mrs. Frank
J. Sprague.

Authors' Manuscripts. Original
manuscript of Before the Sun
Goes Down. From the author^
Elizabeth Metzger Howard.

Original manuscript of On Na¬
tive Groimd. From the author^
Alfred Kazin.

Japanese Philosophy. A set of six
volumes of the philosophical in¬
terpretations of Dr. Yoshishige
Abe, President of Sakushu-in
University, Tokyo. Frorii the
  v.2,no.2(1953:Feb): Page 28