Columbia Library columns (v.2(1952Nov-1953May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.2,no.2(1953:Feb): Page 32  


Activities of The Friends

. N WEDNESDAY evening January 7, at the sixth meet¬
ing of the "Date with a Book" series in McMillin Aca¬
demic Theater, we were treated to an interesting and
hilarious program of folk tales and songs, with Mr. Carl Carmer
as narrator and Professor Harry W. Jones of the Columbia Law
School as guitarist and singer. Afterward the Friends adjourned
to the Women's Faculty Club for an informal and exceedingly
pleasant hour, which was further enlivened with generous enter¬
tainment by our guests of honor.

We would remind our members that there are still three pro¬
grams to come in this series.


Dean Albertson is Assistant Head of the Oral History Research Office
at Columbia, working now in the Washington, D.C, area. . . Daniel G.
Hoffman is an Instructor in American Literature in the Columbia Gradu¬
ate School, and is currently preparing a bibliography of the Columbia
Crane collection... Philip E. Mosely is Professor of International Relations
and Director of the Russian Institute at Columbia.

  v.2,no.2(1953:Feb): Page 32