Columbia Library columns (v.2(1952Nov-1953May))

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The Friendly Libraries


The Director of the Cle-inc7its Library tells how the
William Wilson Papers came to the University of Michi¬
gan, and hoiv the Columbia Libraries cheerfully helped.

A BOUT a year ago, I had the good fortune to find that several
/-j\ scholarly and not quite scholarly meetings were to take
A )\ place in the East during two successive weeks. Ann
Arbor is my home, and it is a lovely place to live especially in the
spring; but scattered up and down the Eastern seaboard I have
several friends whose company is always delightful. Therefore,
the attendance on these important meetings of national organiza¬
tions was mandatory. Among the more attractive gatherings
scheduled was the annual session of the Bibliographical Society
of America at Charlottesville, Virginia.

Charlottesville is a peculiar place. It is important and fascinating
because it is built around the University of Virginia and has
attracted nrtmerous exceptionally interesting people. It is also
notable because, while most eating places in the vicinity are of
indifferent character, the Farmington Country Club leaves me
with the impression that food in the Charlottesville area is mag¬
nificent. One of my good friends in Detroit had provided me with
a guest card on the off-chance that there would be an opportunity
to make use of the dining room. When I set out from Ann Arbor,
a visit to the Farmington Country Club was far from my mind.
However, within a few minutes of arriving at the Alderman
Library there came into view three notorious characters of the
current American book world: Messrs. P. J. Conkwright, E. Har¬
old Hugo, and Richard S. Wormser. We were decorous during
the meeting, but afterwards our greetings were familiar and affec¬
tionate. The Colonade Club demanded our attention for a con¬
siderable spell of time, while we were the guests of that distin-
  v.2,no.3(1953:May): Page 2