Columbia Library columns (v.2(1952Nov-1953May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.2,no.3(1953:May): Page 30  

Activities of The Friends

In the period June i, 1952-March 30, 1953, the Friends
contributed in cash a total of $8,254.08. Of this, $3,329.08
was unrestricted and, with the exception of $896.99 unex¬
pended balance, has gone into our activities. The remaining
$4,925.00 was restricted for special purposes, and includes
$4,500.00 donated to the Libraries by a most generous anonymous

In addition, there have been gifts by Friends of books and manu¬
scripts, including a most important collection from the anonymous
donor mentioned above.

Last year at this time our membership was 160; now it is 266.

Gifts from Friends of the Columbia Libraries

1952-53                          1951-52

(romonths)              (izmonths)

Unrestricted   ....        $3,329.08                $2,950.19

Restricted.....          4,925.00                        0.00

Total.......        $8,254.08                $2,950.19

The CouncU

We are glad to welcome to the Council Walter D. Fletcher,
Trustee of Columbia University.

  v.2,no.3(1953:May): Page 30