Columbia Library columns (v.7(1957Nov-1958May))

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contributors to THIS ISSUE

Roland Baughman is Head of the Special Collections
Department of the Columbia University Libraries.

James Kip Finch is Renwick Professor Emeritus of
Civil Engineering and former Dean of the School of Engi¬
neering, Columbia University.

The late Talbot Faulkner Hamlin ■was Avery Li¬
brarian (1934-1945) and a faculty member of the School
of Architecture, Columbia University.

Clara M. Kirk (Mrs. Rudolf Kirk) is on the faculty
of the Department of English, Douglass College of Rutgers

Philip E. Mosely is Director of Research for the Coun¬
cil on Foreign Relations. Formerly Director of Columbia's
Russian Institute, he continues to serve the University as
Adjunct Professor of International Relations, and as Chair¬
man of the Administrative Committee, Archive of Russian
and East European History and Culture.

Ernest W. Williams, Jr., is Associate Professor of
Transportation, Graduate School of Business, Columbia

Articles printed in Columbia library columns
are selectively indexed in library literature.
  v.7,no.2(1958:Feb): Page [No Page Number]