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  v.7,no.3(1958:May): Page 30  

A Sad Farewell to my Books


Editor's Note: Air. Luciano Kcbay, Instructor in Italian at Cohnnbia, has made
the following prose translation of an original poem by Da Ponte which was
recently purchased by the Libraries. At the end of the poem Da Ponte wrote a
note which alhided to the personal financial crisis which necessitated the sale of
the booths. (See bottotit of page ^2.)

Farewell, faithful friends, companions of both my
happy and sorrowful days, farewell.

The ominous wrath of an adverse fate takes you
from me, a misfortune much bitterer than death.

The nightingale, mourning his lost mate, does not
fill the countryside with more desperate grief.

Nor does a father suffer more when from the shote
he sees his sons take to the sea.

Than I, my heart rent, feel in gi^'ing you away; for
in one moment I lose with you all I cherish.

It was only through you that in the changing course
of life I was able to give respite ro my sorrows
and to turn them to joys;

And only you could have given birth to my fame,
had your light remained whole and united.

  v.7,no.3(1958:May): Page 30