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  v.9,no.1(1959:Nov): Page 45  

Our Growing Collections                         45

written by his niece by adoption, M. A. Cruikshank (referred to
as "Marge" in the text). The account is based on intimate house¬
hold acquaintance with Choate during the latter's senatorial years,
1841-1845. It contains between 5,000 and 6,000 words, and is
clearly written on 44 pages of a leather-bound notebook. Tipped
in at the front is an autograph note from Choate to the Librarian
of Congress, 4 March 1843; also enclosed is an A.L.S. from M. A.
Cruikshank to an unidentified correspondent, relevant to the com¬
pleting of the memoir, 2 March 1866.

Taylor gift. Professor Horace Taylor has presented a collection
of nearly 500 books, pamphlets and serials which he has gathered
in the course of his researches in economics.

Trilling gift. Professor Lionel Trifling (A.B., 1925, A.M., 1926,
Ph.D., 1938) has presented from his personal collection seven
Robert Frost items, including six booklets that were issued by the
author as Christmas greetings, 1952-1958, and A Remembrance
Collection of New Poeins .. . in Honor of His Eighty-fifth Birth¬
day, March 26, 1959.
  v.9,no.1(1959:Nov): Page 45