Columbia Library columns (v.9(1959Nov-1960May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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Jacques Barzun is Dean of Faculties and Provost at
Columbia University.

Roland Baughman is Head of the Special Collections
Department of the Columbia University Libraries.

Charles W. Everett is Professor of English at Co¬
lumbia University.

Corinne C. Frost, who for many years corresponded
with John Dewey on philosophical matters, recently
presented the letters to the Columbia Libraries.

James Gutmann is Professor of Philosophy and Chair¬
man of the Department at Columbia University.

Lewis Leary, who is Professor of English at Columbia
University, Is Vice Chairman of the Friends of the
Columbia Libraries.

Andrew B. A'Iyers, formerly a lecturer in the School
of General Studies at Columbia, is now an Assistant
Professor in the English Department at Fordham Uni¬

Mark Van Doren, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, be¬
came Professor of English Emeritus at Columbia
University upon his retirement last June.

Articles printed in Columbia library columns
are selectively indexed in library literature.
  v.9,no.2(1960:Feb): Page [No Page Number]