Columbia Library columns (v.9(1959Nov-1960May))

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  v.9,no.2(1960:Feb): Page 37  

Our Growing Collections


\ () GREAT has become the volume of gifts to the Columbia
University Libraries since this series of articles was inau¬
gurated in the first issue of Library Columns nine years ago,
that the author of these notes feels constrained to adopt some
system of specialization in recording them. In the present issue,
therefore, only collections of materials are being discussed. In the
next issue, May, we will notice the many generous gifts of indi¬
vidual items which normally would have been discussed in the
present article, had space permitted.

A. I. G. A. gift of the "Fifty Books." The American Institute of
Graphic Arts, which each year sponsors an exhibition of fifty
exemplary books chosen from the current productions of Ameri¬
can printers and publishers, has continued its generous policy of
placing a depository file of the selections at Columbia University,
to the great advantage of students of American book production.
In 1959 we received the "Fifty Books of the Year 1957," which
were, in fact, the selections made in 1958 and which have now
completed their year-long exhibition tour of the country.

Bassett-Monroe gift of Near-Eastern and Egyptian antiquities.
Mrs. Henry Bassett (Jeanette iMonroe Bassett) and .Mr. Ellis Mon¬
roe have added significantly to the gifts of Babylonian, Egyptian,
and Chinese antiquities which they have made in honor of their
father, the late Professor Paul .VIonroe of Teachers College
(Library Columns, November, 1959). In the present gift are
eleven valuable pieces, including three bronze- or copper-age axe
and adze heads, a beautifully polished neolithic axe-head, five
glazed and unglazed pottery vases, and two Babylonian human
figurines of unglazed clay.

  v.9,no.2(1960:Feb): Page 37