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  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 33  

Our Growing Collections


Adams gift. Through the great kindness of Mr. Lewis G. Adams
a rare work by William Pain, The Practical House Carpenter; or.
Youth's Instructor, Philadelphia, Thomas Dobson, 1797 (one of
the thirteen architectural books published in this country prior to
the year 1800), has been added to the Avery Library.

Alexanderson gift. Mrs. Elizabeth Alexanderson of Neshanic Sta¬
tion, New Jersey, has presented to the Columbiana Collection a
letter from Henry Augustus Whiting (A.B., 1866; A.M., 1869;
E.M., 1871) to the Hon. Abram Wakeman, 22 June 1866, enclos¬
ing his card and a card of admission to the Commencement exer¬
cises of June 27, 1866.

Aschemeier gift. Mr. John Aschemeier of New York City has
presenred a beautiful copy of Tennyson's Idyls of the King, Bos¬
ton, 1866, which bears the following inscription: "Mr. Condit,
With the love and best wishes of his old Sunday-School scholar,
Serb Low. Apr. 7, 1869."

Barrett gift. iMr. C. AValler Barrett has sent for inclusion in Special
Collections an early paper-back novel with an American back¬
ground. It is The Gipsey Chief, Boston, 1845, WTitten by the
British novelist, George A\'illiam .MacArthur Reynolds.

Benjamin gifts. Mr. Henry Rogers Benjamin has presented a full
run of the delightful French books so far published in his series
of "Les Productions de Paris." The gift numbers 56 rirles in 61

  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 33