Columbia Library columns (v.9(1959Nov-1960May))

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  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 43  

The Typography of the Columns                   43

1957 to February 1958), and the Harbor Press (March 1958
to date).

Starting last year, typographical supervision of Columbia pub¬
lications, including the Columns, was placed under the Univer¬
sity's Printing Services, and Miss Patrice LaLiberte, beginning
with the iMay 1959 issue, now acts in the role of our mentor.

A word about the illustrations. Our paper at first was mat, which
did well enough for woodcuts, but failed dismally when we tried
to reproduce the subtleties of such things as the Korean bronze
types (November, 1953). Pricked by the fiasco of the Korean
illustration, we introduced a semi-gloss paper in February, 1954
(Warren 8o# Cumberland Dull). Since then, illustrations of all
kinds have become a resfular feature of the Colunms.
  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 43