Columbia Library columns (v.9(1959Nov-1960May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 45  

Activities of the Friends                            45

March 3 i, the statement will be deferred until the next issue, which
will be published in November. This shift, which will be con¬
tinued in the future, has been made because the closing date for
the May number has been moved forward into March, so that
delivery of the printed copies can be made in late April. This will
enable us to avoid the printing jam which occurs at Commence¬
ment time and which in some years has caused delay in delivery
of our May issue until sometime in the ensuing month. We want
to have it reach our members before the beginning of the summer
vacation period in June.
  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 45