Columbia Library columns (v.13(1963Nov-1964May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.13,no.1(1963:Nov): Page 1  

Columbia Library Columns

VOLUME   XIII           NOVEMBER,   1963              NUMBER   I


Japan Revisited; A Vignette of

World War II                                                 faubiox bo«ers          3

Moving the Central Park Obelisk                           hekn DUiNi'.R        11

Housman Through the Eyes of Others          kenne rn a. lohf        21

The Brander Matthews Dramatic .Museum    iu:nry \\\ wells        27

Our Growing Collections                            roland baughman        33

Activities of the Friends                                                                        51

Published by the friends of the Columbia libraries,

Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 10027.

Three issues a year, one dollar each.
  v.13,no.1(1963:Nov): Page 1