Columbia Library columns (v.14(1964Nov-1965May))

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  v.14,no.1(1964:Nov): Page [19]  

The New Thomas J. Watson

Library of Business and Economics:

A Picture Section


In April, 1^64, the Business Library moved from Butler Library
to its new quarters in Uris Hall, which is located on the North
Cmnpus behind Low Memorial Library. The reading room and
service areas of the library are on the first floor of Uris, with two
levels of stacks above and a storage area below. A distinctive
feature is the semi-circular reading room, in which ceiling-to-
floor windows give a feeling of spaciousness. Walnut paneling
adds to the richness of the decor; the furniture arrangement in¬
cludes attractive informal groupings.

The Thomas ]. Watson Library of Business and Economics
is named in honor of Thomas J. Watson, a past chairman of the
Board of IBM and a life-time and valued trustee of the University.
Mr. Watson's widow made a magnificent gift to the building,
which houses one of the fittest and largest collections of business
materials in the nation.
  v.14,no.1(1964:Nov): Page [19]