Columbia Library columns (v.14(1964Nov-1965May))

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  v.14,no.1(1964:Nov): Page 25  

Our Growing Collections



Bancroft gift. Professor Margaret Bancroft (A.lM., 1913) has
added to her earlier gifts of letters and documents pertaining to
the shipping interests of her grandfather. Captain John Otis
Given. Her most recent gift includes a packet of fifteen items,
mainly letters that passed between various members of the Given

Professor Bancroft also presented typescripts of poems in
rhymed Latin by the late Nelson Glenn McCrea, Anthon Pro¬
fessor of the Latin Language and Literature, and one of Colum¬
bia's most distinguished Latinists. Of prime interest to Columbiana
are typed copies of his well-known hymn, "In Lumine Tuo
Videbimus Lumen," which he composed in 1916; the copies bear
his manuscript alterations. Also present are his "Stabat Mater"
and "Dies Irae." All were given by the author to Professor Ban¬
croft, who had been one of his students.

Beyer gift. Mr. Preston Beyer of Bronxville has presented a long¬
hand letter by the English author and divine, the Reverend
George Croly (1780-1860), written November 10, 1849, to Rev¬
erend W. Valentine. The letter is a rather testy refusal to preach
a "charity sermon" for Valentine because it would compel his
absence from his own church, and contains an admonition to "Let
your Bishop preach for you."

Bonnell gift. Miss Alice H. Bonnell (B.S., 1940) has presented a
copy of the 1898 "Maude Adams" edition of James Barrie's The
Little Minister, autographed with a Christmas message by Adiss

  v.14,no.1(1964:Nov): Page 25