Columbia Library columns (v.14(1964Nov-1965May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.14,no.2(1965:Feb): Page 46  

Activities of the Friends


Meeting on February 4. The Mid-Winter meeting of the
Friends of the Columbia Libraries was held at the Men's Faculty
of Columbia University at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 4,

Mr. Hugh J, Kelly, Chairman of the Friends, presided. He said
that subsequent to the revisions in the Constitution and Bylaws,
which were approved by the membership at the February meeting
last year, an additional change or two had become necessary.
These were chiefly related to the fact that the appointment-years
for Councillors had to be on a July i -June 30 basis rather than a
calendar year, to accord with the other Advisory Councils in the
University. Since the proposed revisions had been approved by
the Council and had been mailed to the members, the Chairman
proceeded directly to put the matter to a vote. The members
adopted the revisions.

Program.. Air. Kelly said that on this occasion the Friends were
honoring Dante, who was born 700 years ago. He introduced the
principal speaker. Dr. Maurice Valency, Professor of Comparative
Literature at Columbia, who is an authority on Dante. Among
his Broadway plays and his books is In Praise of Love (1958), a
history of the lyric. He chose as his subject for this program
"The Love Song of Dante Alighieri."

Bancroft Awards Dinner. Our members may wish to record
on their calendars that this dinner will be held on Thursday,
May 20. The invitations wiU be mailed in mid-April.

  v.14,no.2(1965:Feb): Page 46