Columbia Library columns (v.15(1965Nov-1966May))

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  v.15,no.1(1965:Nov): Page [2]  

Dr. Edward Bancroft, a \'oung American scientist and writer who be¬
longed to an American patriot group in London, was recruited into the
British secret service in 1772. He had the code name "Edward Edwards"
and was highly successful, particularh' when in Paris where he was a
confidant of Franklin and others of the American mission who were
seeking aid from France. All of them trusted his lo\alty and it was not
until sixty years after his death that his traitorous activities were discovered.

The hollow trunk of a box tree on the south terrace of the Tuileries

Gardens was used as the means for transmitting messages. Each Tuesday
Dr. Bancroft brought his report inserted in a bottle and lowered it by
a string into the hollow. At the same time he picked up new instruc¬
tions from Lord Stormont.
  v.15,no.1(1965:Nov): Page [2]