Columbia Library columns (v.15(1965Nov-1966May))

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  v.15,no.2(1966:Feb): Page 13  

The Exploring Camera
of Robert Flaherty:
A Picture Selection

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y ]f ~~^HE pages which immediately follow contain reproduc-
ills from the four motion pictures which many
rded as best exemplifying Robert Flaherty's
contribution to cinematic art. In recognition of the active part
played in some of the productions by Frances Hubbard Flaherty,
the film-m;iker's vvifc, by his brother David, and others, it should
be stated that the title above is meant to connote the finished
products resulting from Robert Flaherty's overall creati\'e tal¬
ents, regardless of who ma)' actuall}' ha\'e been doing the photog¬

Specific film credits are given on the p;ige following tlie picture

  v.15,no.2(1966:Feb): Page 13