Columbia Library columns (v.22(1972Nov-1973May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.22,no.1(1972:Nov): Page 1  

Columbia Library Columns

VOLUME   XXII            NOVEMBER,   I972                   NUMBER  I


Charles W. Mixer: In Memoriam                                                     3

Literary Forgeries and the Lil)rary       allen t. hazen                    6

Spectra and Other Hoaxes                   Richard s. wormser            14

A Tragedy About to Happen              w.-^rren j. haas                  22

Our Growing Collections                    Kenneth a. lohf                29

Activities of the Friends                                                                47

Published by the friends of the Columbia libraries,

Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, New York 1002 7.

Three issues a year, two dollars each.
  v.22,no.1(1972:Nov): Page 1