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  v.23,no.2(1974:Feb): Page 38  

Our Growing Collections


AJ.G.A. gift. The American Institute of Graphic Arts has sent,
for inclusion in the depository file, the books of 1972 production
which won places in the "Fifty Books of the Year" Exhibition in

A.A.U.P. gift. The Association of American University Presses
has donated the file of fifty-two titles which were selected for
exhibition in its 1972 Book Show. Each volume chosen was con¬
sidered by a member press of the Association to be its most out¬
standing example of design and production.

Bancroft gift. Professor Margaret Bancroft (A.M., 1913) has
donated a copy of the American edition of Charles Dickens's
Master Htimphrey's Clock, published in Philadelphia in 1854 by
Getz and Buck.

Barzun gift. Professor Jacques Barzun (A.B., 1927; A.M., 1928;
Ph.D., 1932) has presented the correspondence, manuscripts,
notebooks, and publications of his father, Henri-Martin Barzun,
the noted French author, lecturer, and editor. The correspond¬
ence files reflect Henri-jAfartin Barzun's wide associations in the
literary, artistic, and political circles during the past sixty years,
and include letters from Andre Breton, Katherine Dreier, Marcel
Duchamp, Georges Duhamel, Albert Gleizes, Ivan Goll, Ezra
Pound, Pierre Reverdy, Edgar Varese, Gabriel d'Annunzio, and
Felippo Tommaso jMarinetti. Professor Barzun's gift also includes
more than 250 volumes of poetry and fiction from his personal
library, as well as from his father's library, many of which are
warmly inscribed.

Black gift. Mr. Algernon D. Black, Leader of the Society for
Ethical Culture in the City of New York, has established a col-

  v.23,no.2(1974:Feb): Page 38