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  v.27,no.1(1977:Nov): Page 32  

Our Growing Collections


Akin gift. In honor of Professor James L. Clifford, Mr. William S.
Akin has presented a copy of Aleyn Lyell Reade's The Reades of
Blackwood Hill . . . With a Full Account of Dr. Johnson's An¬
cestry, privately printed for the author in London in 1906. One of
350 copies, this genealogical study of Samuel Johnson's family is
embellished with eighteen plates and twenty-nine large tabular

Alden gift. The personal and professional papers of tlie journalist
Robert Ross Alden have been presented by his widow, Mrs. Dion
Alden. Alden's entire career was spent on the staff of The New
York Times in a variety of positions, including those of local re¬
porter, diplomatic and Southeast Asia correspondent, director of
real estate news, assistant metropolitan editor, and, at the time of
his death. United Nations Buteau Chief; and the majority of the
papers consist of manuscripts for his articles and editorials written
for the Times. In addition, there are manuscripts of his stories,
novels and poems, as well as his correspondence with Orvil E.
Dryfoos, James B. Reston and members of the Sulzberger family.

Ausubel gift. A collection of nearly one thousand volumes ftom
the library of the late Professor Herman Ausubel (A.M., 1942;
Ph.D., 1948) has been presented by Mrs. Ausubel and her family
in his memory. The titles in the memorial gift reflect Professor
Ausubel's teaching and research in the field of British history and
culture, primarily of the \^ctorian period; and the\- have enriched,
not only the rare book collection, but also the departmental li¬
braries in Butler Library.

Bede Estate gift. The papers of the late Jean-Albert Bede, Profes¬
sor of French from 1937 until his retirement in 1971, have been
received as the gift of his estate. They comprise the notes and

  v.27,no.1(1977:Nov): Page 32