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  v.27,no.2(1978:Feb): Page 36  

Our Growing Collections


Anshen gift. The author and editor. Dr. Ruth Nanda Anshen, has
established a collection of her papers with an initial gift of files of
correspondence with writers, philosophers, scientists, psycholo¬
gists and educators, among which are Benedetto Croce, Albert
E.instein, Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromni, A^'alter Gropius, Carl
Gustav Jung, Jacques .Maritain, Lewis Mumford and Paul Tillich.
There is also correspondence with publishers and writers relating
to the more than one hundred volumes which Dr. Anshen has
edited in the well-known series. World Perspectives, Credo Per¬
spectives, Religious Perspectives, The Science of Cjtlture Series,
Perspectives in Humanism and The Tree of Life Series. Ranging
from physics and biology to philosophy, education, psychology
and esthetics, these series have been concerned with new trends in
scientific thought and the mutual intelligibility of the various
branches of art and science. In addition to the correspondents
named above, the collection contains letters from Jacques Barzun,
Charles A. Beard, Franz Boas, Rachel Carson, Joyce Cary, Aaron
Copeland, John Dewey, Felix Frankfurter, Etienne Gilson, John
Haldane, Aldous Huxley, Konrad Lorenz, Thomas Mann, Gun-
nar Myrdal, Reinhold Niebuhr, Romain RoUand, Bertrand Rus¬
sell, Ignazio Silone and Sigrid Undset.

Class of i()2^ gift. The annual gifts of the College Class of 1923
have added to the collection of early English books a number of
titles that have assisted us in completing holdings of individual au¬
thors. Several works by the English poet John Donne have been
donated in the past, and recently the Class has presented a fine copy
of Donne's Fifty Sermons Preached by that Learned and Reverend
Divine, printed in London in 1649. This, the second x'olume of
Donne's sermons, \\as edited by his son, who delayed publication

  v.27,no.2(1978:Feb): Page 36