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Our Growing Collections


Braden gift. In 1959 the diplomat and mining engineer, Spruille
Braden, established a collection of his papers, and shortly after his
death last year his son, Mr. William Braden, presented more than
six thousand additional pieces of correspondence, manuscripts and
inscribed books. These important documents relate primarily to
Spruille Bradcn's distinguished career as a diplomat in numerous
Latin American countries, his role as the American representative
to the Chaco Peace Conference, 1935-1939, his opposition to the
Peron regime in Argentina in the 1940s, and his tenure as Assistant
Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, 1945-1947. In¬
cluded among the correspondence files are letters from Dean
Acheson, Adolf A. Berle, Jr., Barry Goldwater, Ernest Heming¬
way, Cordell Hull, Lyndon B. Johnson, Archibald MacLeish,
Nelson A. Rockefeller, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sumner^^'elles.

Cane gift. Mr. MelviUe Cane (A.B., 1900; LL.B., 1927), who is
now in his one hundredth year, has made a recent fine addition to
the collection of his papers, including: photographs of his parents,
Henry W. and Sophia G. Cane; the typewritten manuscript of his
poem, "Verses for a Celebration: December 5, 1976," written in
commemoration of the two hundredth anniversary of the found¬
ing of Phi Beta Kappa; a series of eight letters from William
Jovanovich, dated 1971-1976, and a copy of his novel. Madmen
Must, published in 1977, inscribed by the author to Mr. Cane on
the occasion of the lattcr's ninety-ninth birthday; and more than
thirty letters and first editions by Mark Schorer, Muriel Rukeyser,
Helen Bevington, Lewis Mumford and other authors.

Coggeshall gift. Approximately eighty pieces of correspondence
have been presented by Mrs. Susanna Coggeshall for addition to
the papers of her mother, the late Frances Perkins. There are six

  v.28,no.2(1979:Feb): Page 35