Columbia Library columns (v.28(1978Nov-1979May))

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  v.28,no.2(1979:Feb): Page 41  

Our Growing Collections                         41

The Undergraduate Poems, 1948, both in the original wrappers;
E. M. Forster, Where Angels Fear to Tread, 1905, first issue of
the first edition; Aldous Huxley, Antic Hay, 1923, inscribed by
the author; and Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse, 1927, first
edition in the dust jacket designed by Vanessa Bell.

Macy bequest. The late Helen Macy, who served as a member of
the Friends Council from 1964 until her death in July of last year,
has left to the Libraries, through a generous and thoughtful be¬
quest, the following rare and important items: a group of twenty
medals, citations and tributes awarded to her husband, the late
George Macy (A.B., 1921), including the Legion d'honneur;
twenty-two volumes written, printed or published by the Macys;
the oil portrait of herself by Serge Ivanoff; the Norman Rockwell
portrait drawing of George Macy; and more than a hundred pros¬
pectuses, pamphlets and pieces of printed ephemera relating to the
Limited Editions Club, the Heritage Press and the Readers' Club.
The most precious volume in Helen Macy's bequest is the "Liber
Aniicorum of Congratulations and Good Will to G.M. on the
Occasion of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Limited Edi¬
tions Club, May 11, 1954," a specially bound volume of original
drawings, inscriptions and letters received by George Macy in
tribute to his achievements as publisher of the Club's distinguished
series of illustrated books. Included among the nearly one hundred
tributes is original art work by Valenti Angelo, Boris Artzy-
basheff, Edward Ardizzone, Rafaello Busoni, Thomas Hart Ben¬
ton, Warren Chappell, T. M. Cleland, Fritz Eichenberg, Jean
Hersholt, Al Hirschfeld, Fritz Kredel, Edy Legrand, Bernard
Lamotte, Lynton Lamb, Frans Masereel, Will Ransom, Bruce
Rogers, William Sharp, Lynd Ward, Edward A. Wilson, and
numerous other illustrators, designers and printers associated with
the Club during its first quarter century.

Martin gift. Mrs. Charles B. Martin has presented two early manu¬
scripts relating to New York, pre-dating the Revolution, which
  v.28,no.2(1979:Feb): Page 41