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  v.32,no.2(1983:Feb): Page 32  

Our Growing Collections


Austin gift. Mr. Gabriel Austin has donated Rockwell Kent's The
Home Decorator and Color Guide, a pamphlet written and de¬
signed by Kent in 1939 for Sherwin-Williams Paints. The pam¬
phlet, which is fully illustrated by drawings and photographs in
color, fills a lacuna in the Kent Collection.

Baker gift. The papers of the late Richard Tcrrill Baker (M.S.,
1937), a dean of the School of Journalism, 1961-1970, have been
donated by his wido«-. The approximately thirty thousand items
in the collection document his years at the School of Journalism as
teacher and administrator, and his work from 1943 to 1945 helping
to organize the Post-Graduate School of Journalism of the Central
Political Institute of China in Chungking. Dean Baker was at one
time a Methodist minister, and the papers reflect his interest in
religious journalism and his associations with many religious

Barnett gift. Mr. Henry DeWitt Barnett has established a collec¬
tion of his papers \\-hich joins those collections of his father, Eu¬
gene 1".. Barnett, and his brother, A. Doak Barnett. Mr. Barnett
served as an executive of the Y.M.C.A. in New York, 1946-1965;
as Quaker International Affairs Representative for East Asia with
the American Friends Service Committee based in Tokyo, 1965-
1971; and as a consultant in Hong Kong, 1971-1982, to the De¬
partment of East Asia and the Pacific of the Division of Overseas
i\'Iinistries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in devel¬
oping a United States-China people-to-people program. The pa¬
pers contain his correspondence with missionaries, journalists and
organizations promoting Chinese-American relations, as well as
memoranda, documents, reports of travelers in China and other
related materials.
  v.32,no.2(1983:Feb): Page 32