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  v.32,no.3(1983:May): Page 34  

Our Growing Collections


Anshen gift. To the collection of her papers Dr. Ruth Nanda An¬
shen has added nearly four hundred letters and manuscripts,
among which are a number of important letters from Gershom
Scholem and Roger Sperry. Also in Dr. Anshen's gift are several
hundred books from her library, as well as x'olumes which she has

Butcher gift. Professor Philip Butcher(Ph.D., 1956) has estab¬
lished a collection of his papers and writings with the gift of ap¬
proximately one hundred items including: printed materials
relating to George Washington Cable about whom Professor
Butcher has written several books and articles; first editions by
Paul Leicester Ford, Lydia Maria Child, Mayne Reid and other
authors; the journal kept by Adelene Moffat, secretary of the
Home Culture Clubs, during her extensive foreign travels in 1928;
and four cabinet photographs of .\delene .Moffat, Cable and his
wife, and James .M. Barrie and his wife.

Cahoon gift. Mr. Herbert T F. Gaboon (B.S. in L.S., 1943) has
donated letters and ephemera of the poet and artist Weldon Kees
among which are thirteen letters and one postcard, twelve exhi¬
bition announcements and prospectuses, and several clippings. The
letters, dating from 1943 to 1954, relate primarily to the writing
and publishing of poetry, other writers and critics, and personal

Chase gift. The correspondence, manuscripts and library of the
late Professor Richard Volney Chase (Ph.D., 1946) have been pre¬
sented by his widow Mrs. Frances A\'alker Chase. There are letters
from Saul Bellow, Robert Lowell and Lionel Trilling; manuscripts
and proofs of Professor Chase's writings on Herman A'lelville,

  v.32,no.3(1983:May): Page 34