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  v.33,no.2(1984:Feb): Page 32  

Our Growing Collections


Barber gift. Professor Bernard Barber has established a collection
of his papers with the gift of approximately 12,500 letters and
manuscripts relating to his research and writing in the field of
sociology and to department and administrative matters at Bar¬
nard College where he has taught since 1952. Among the corre¬
spondents represented in the collection are Daniel Bell, Richard
Hofstadtcr, Edward Kennedy, Margaret Mead, Robert K. Mer-
ton, Ashley Montagu, David Riesman, George Sarton and C. P.
Snow. There are also files of conference papers, lecture notes and
manuscripts of book reviews and other writings.

Barzu7i gift. University Professor Emeritus Jacques Barzun (A.B.,
1927; A.M., 1928; Ph.D., 1932) has donated, for inclusion in his
papers, more than four hundred letters, manuscripts and printed
literary ephemera. Included are files of notes and papers, as well
as printed materials, relating to Professor Barzun's research for
his book A Stroll with Willia7n Ja7nes.

Blu7ne gift. For addition to the Hart Crane Collection, Mr. Peter
Blume has presented three manuscript items which were sent to
him by the poet: a picture postcard from Mixcoac, May 22, 1931,
with a note about Marlene Dietrich phonograph recordings; a
calling card with a note quoting two lines from a poem by Harry
Crosby; and a typed manuscript, ca. spring 1931, of the title page
for "Cortez: The Enactment," a poem about the Spanish con¬
queror of Mexico which Crane planned but never wrote. Ac¬
companying the last item is the original mailing envelope from
the Hotel Panuco in Mexico City, signed by Crane on the back
with the title "Inside the Clock," the name of the painting that
Mr. Blume was working on at the time the poet visited him before
sailing for Mexico.

  v.33,no.2(1984:Feb): Page 32