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  v.33,no.3(1984:May): Page 27  

Our Growing Collections


Beeson gift. Professor Jack Beeson has presented the twelve page
holograph manuscript of Aaron Copland's "Four Motets," com¬
posed in the fall of 1921 while the composer was studying with
Nadia Boulanger in Paris. Among Copland's earliest composi¬
tions, these four choral works—"Help Us, O Lord," "Thou, O
Jehovah, Abideth Forever," "Have Mercy on Us, O My Lord"
and "Sing Ye Praises to Our King"—were conducted by Bou¬
langer in a performance in 1924 and again in Paris in February
1937, but they were not published until 1979. Accompanying the
manuscript is Professor Beeson's correspondence with Copland
concerning the writing and publication of "Four Motets."

Brow7i gift. Mr. James Oliver Brown has presented, for addition
to the papers of his literary agency, approximately 950 letters and
thirty-five manuscripts of Erskine Caldwell. Covering the period
from 1951 to 1962, this major file documents the novelist's books
and magazine articles, as well as his lectures, travels and social

Clifford gift. The papers of the late Professor James L. Clifford
have been considerably strengthened and enlarged by the recent
gift from Mrs. \'irginia Clifford of more than a thousand pieces of
correspondence, drafts of manuscripts, research notes and printed
materials relating to his courses and lectures, articles and essays,
and books. Biography as an Art and From Puzzles to Portraits.

Gilvarry gift. Among the group of important literary editions
and manuscript items presented by Mr. James Gilvarry arc associ¬
ation copies of first editions by Louis iMacNeice: Poe7ns, New
York, 1937, F. W. Dupee's copy with his signature and pencil
markings on several pages, and with the autograph of the author;

  v.33,no.3(1984:May): Page 27