Columbia Library columns (v.35(1985Nov-1986May))

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  v.35,no.2(1986:Feb): Page 1  

Columbia Library Columns

VOLUME   XXXV          FEBRUARY,    I986                  NUMBER   2


First You Dream, Then ^l)u Die                Francis M. Nevins, Jr.     3

Sherlock Holmes: The Detective As
Hero                                                           Mary Wicrthelm             12

Whatever Happened to I'llery Queen?      Axthoxy J. Mazzella   25
Our Growing Collections                            Kenneth A. Lohf            35

Published by the friends of the Columbia libraries,

Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, N.Y. 10027

Three issues a year, four dollars each.
  v.35,no.2(1986:Feb): Page 1