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Our Gro-wing Collections


C&ryyrii?gi/i. Mr. Thomas L. Chrystie (A.B., 1955) has presented
a notable group of Chrystie family portraits and a collection of
papers relating to the family. The six oil paintings, executed in the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, include portraits of: Major
James Chrystie, the forebear of the prominent New York Chrystie
family which was to be closely associated with the University;
Colonel John Chrystie, a member of the College Class of 1806 who
was killed in the YV^ar of 1812; Thomas Witter Chrystie (1808-
1888), amember of the Class of 1828; the Reverend James Chrys¬
tie (1786-1863), son of JVIajor James Chrystie and father of
Thomas Witter, James, and John Chrystie, all of whom graduated
from the Coflege; Thomas Witter (1713-1786), grandfather of
the Reverend James Chrystie; and Thomas Mackaness (1736-
1807), forebear of Thomas Mackaness Ludlow Chrystie who was
in the Class of 1867. The approximately 150 letters, manuscripts,
documents, and memorabilia comprising the family papers include
correspondence of many of the abcwe, as well as letters and docu¬
ments of John Adams, Nicholas Murray Butler, Benjamin N.
Cardozo, Thomas E. Dewey, David Glasgow Farragut, Seth Low,
and James Monroe, among others. There are also files of photo¬
graphs pertaining to the family and its associations with the Uni¬
versity, thirty volumes from the libraries of various members of
the family, framed etchings and engravings of views of the Uni¬
versity, and the copy of The Book of Common Prayer, London,
1760, containing genealogical records of the Ludlow and the
Chrystie families.

Durgin gift. Mrs. James H. Durgin has donated a copy of the
handsomely illustrated 18 2 7 edition of Journey from Riga to the
Crimea, with Some Account of the Manners and Customs of the

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