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  v.35,no.3(1986:May): Page 39  

Our Growing Collections


Backer gift. The papers of John H. Backer (A.M., 1955), foreign
service officer, author, and biographer of General Lucius D. Clay,
have been presented by Mrs. Backer. The more than 17,000 pieces
of correspondence, reports, audiotapes, and photographs in the
collection relate to Mr. Backer's research and writing on General
Clay and post-war German affairs; they also document his service
in the Economic Division of General Clay's Military Government
in Germany, as a member of the Foreign Service in Germany and
the Soviet Union, and as the supervisor of U. S. Information
Agency offices in several German cities. In the researching of
his three books Priming the Germany Economy: American Oc¬
cupational Policies, The Decision to Divide Germany: American
Foreign Policy in Transition, and Winds of History: The Ger¬
man Years of Lucius DuBignon Clay, iVlr. Backer interviewed
public and military figures on audiotapes, and Mrs. Backer has
included this extensive file in her gift. There are also important
letters in the papers from General Clay, W. Averell Harriman,
Charles E. Bohlen, Jacob K. Javits, John Kenneth Galbraitb, and
John J. iMcCloy.

Borchardt gift. Mr. and .Mrs. George Borchardt have established
a collection of the papers of their literary agency with recent gifts
of more than 70,000 letters, manuscripts, and publishing docu¬
ments. Mr. Borchardt began representing French publishing firms
in New York during the early 1950s, and later he acted for in¬
dividual French authors who were seeking American publication;
he formed the literary agency with his wife Anne in 1968. The
files which date from 1952 ro the early 1980s, include extensive
correspondence with authors, publishers, and other literary
agents, including, Mme. Guillaume Apollinaire, Herve Bazin,
  v.35,no.3(1986:May): Page 39