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  v.37,no.2(1988:Feb): Page 40  

40                                Kenneth A. Lohf

Printed in Blado's magnificent italic type, the broadside, measuring
approximately 29 by 24 inches, established the Confraternity of
the Blessed Sacrament at the Dominican monastery at Fanjaux,
France, and was specially illuminated for presentation to that insti¬
tution with nine miniatures within a wide, hand painted floral
border; the remarkable series of miniatures includes one that
depicts the books of the Jews and other non-Christians being
relegated to the fires at the behest of Dominican friars, as well as
others depicting St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Francis, St. Thomas
Aquinas, the Virgin and Child, St. Peter Martyr, and St. Matthew.
Also presented by Mr. and Mrs. Schaefler are sixteen fourteenth-
century documents penaining to commercial transactions of the
Jewish community at Apt in Provence, France; a group of
eighteenth-century letters pertaining to New York; nine French
documents relating to the American Revolution, including three
letters written to James Madison; more than a hundred literary let¬
ters and manuscripts written by French, American, and English
authors, including Anatole France, Victor Hugo, Harold Lasky,
Edwin Markham, John Howard Payne, Romain Rolland, and Sir
Walter Scott, among numerous others. Of special note among
several printed items in the Schaeflers' gift is an 1841 Nathaniel
Currier color lithograph, imprinted "In Memory," which is among
the lithographer's early work.

Trilling gift. A group of fifty-four letters and papers have been
presented by Mrs. Diana Trilling for addition to the papers of Pro¬
fessor Lionel Trilling. Dealing primarily with publishing matters.
The Mid-Century Book Society, and activities of the English
Department, the papers donated, dating from 1936 to 1975, also
include two important literary letters: one written in 1949 by
E. M. Forster, discussing his own libretto for Benjamin Britten's
Billy Budd and Professor Trilling's book on Matthew Arnold, and
the other by Stephen Spender in which he writes at length about
Trilling's novel The Middle of the Journey.
  v.37,no.2(1988:Feb): Page 40