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  v.42,no.1(1992:Nov): Page 20  

20                                  Carol Z. Rothkopf

Stoppard added that in some ways Margie reminded him of

... an off-stage character in Death of a Salesman who's referred to as
the sort of salesman who doesn't have to go around beating the
bushes. He arrives at a place and puts his slippers on and the world
comes to his door, and he was at it at the age of 80, a revered figure.
Of course the analogy breaks down all over the place but there was
something about this with Margie: Margie was there and you came
to fmd her, and I shall always think it a privilege to have found her.

There is no doubt in the mind of anyone who knew Margie that
she regarded it as a great privilege to have been a friend of Tom
  v.42,no.1(1992:Nov): Page 20