Columbia Library columns (v.42(1992Nov-1993May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.42,no.1(1992:Nov): Page 46  

Activities of the Friends

Finances. For the twelve-month period ended June 30, 1992, the
generaLpurpose contributions totaled $39,851. SpeciaLpurpose
gifts and bequests, designated for book and manuscript purchases,
for the establishment of new endowments, and for the increase of
the principals of established endowments, amounted to S 3 55,680,
a substantial increase over the amount donated the previous year.
The appraised value of gifts in kind received from individual Friends
for the same period was $ 132,028. The total of all gifts and contri¬
butions since the establishment of the organization in 1951 now
stands at $9,549,717.

Fall Reception. A reception to open the exhibition "The Lohf Years"
will be held on Wednesday afternoon, November 18, from 5 to 7
o'clock in the Rotunda of Low Memorial Library. The exhibition
will mark the retirement of Kenneth A. Lohf as Librarian for Rare
Books and Manuscripts and as secretary-treasurer of the Friends of
the Libraries. On view will be a selection of rare books, manu¬
scripts, and art works acquired from 1967 to 1992, the period dur¬
ing which Mr. Lohf served as Librarian. A catalogue of the exhibi¬
tion, for which Dr. Dallas Pratt wrote the introduction, will be
published to provide a permanent record of the benefactions
received from Friends and other donors.

Future Meetings. A reception on Wednesday afternoon, March 3,
1993, will open the spring exhibition, and the annual Bancroft
Awards Dinner will be held in the Rotunda of Low Memorial
Library on Wednesday evening, April 7, 1993.

  v.42,no.1(1992:Nov): Page 46