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  v.42,no.2(1993:Feb): Page 16  

The Photographs of
Herbert H. Lehman


Inside the Old Crusaders^ Fortress in Accre, Israel, 1959

' erbert H. Lehman (1878-196 3), eminent New York state
politician and world figure, was also a talented photogra-

.pher. In his later years the former Governor avidly pur¬
sued the art of photography. During the 1950s he traveled in
Europe, returning to places he had first visited in his role as
Director-General of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation
Administration (UNRRA) after the Second Worid War. Varying in
scope from postcard-like land,scapes to moody and enigmatic chia¬
roscuro studies, these photographs reveal the private side of the pub¬
lic man, the sensitivity and introspection of an artist.

An exhibition of Herbert H. Lehman's pbotographs will be on view in the Rare Book and
iVlanuscript Library until February 26, 1993, and will be (jn view in the Lehman Suite
from April 15, 1993, to September U, 1993.

  v.42,no.2(1993:Feb): Page 16