Purple, Edwin R. Contributions to the history of ancient families of New Amsterdam and New York

(New York :  Privately printed,  1881.)



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LOO CKERMANS.                                         -s J,

Olof Stephenszen Van Cortlandt came to New Amsterdain in the ship
Haring in 1637, a soldier in the West India Company's Service. He was
promoted by Gov, Kieft, and in July, 1639, appointed Commissary of Car¬
goes, at asalary of thirty guilders ($12") per month. In 1645 was elected
one of the Board of Eight men to adopt measures against the Indians, and
in 1649, one of the Board of Nine men, of which body the following year
he was President, He was elected Schepen of the City in 1654, and in
1655 was advanced to the higher position of Burgomaster, an ofiice he held
during the years 1656-58-59, 1662-63 and 1665. He was Alderman in
1666-67, 71, and succeeded Mr, Isaac Bedlow, upon the death of that
gentleman, in the same office in 1673, His place of residence was in
the Brouwer Straat, now Stone Street, where he was also engaged in busi¬
ness as a Brewer, in which occupation he became wealthy, " He had the
character of being a worthy citizen and a man most liberal in his
charities."* He died April 4, 1684, having survived his wife about a year.
Lssue : f

1.  Stephanus Van Cortlandt, born May 7, 1643 ; bap. May 10,
1643 ; m. Sept, 10, 1671, Geertruyd Schuyler, j. d. Van Albania, dau. of
Phihp Pieterse Schuyler and Margareta Van Slechtenhorst.

2.   Marritie [Mary] Van Cortlandt, born July 30, 1654; the records
of the Dutch Church in N. Y. gives the date of her baptism July 23, 1645 ;
in. April 27, 1662, Jeremias Van Rensselaer, j. in. Van Amsterdam,
second son of Kilian Van Rensselaer, the first ancestor of the family in

3.    Johannes [John] Van Cortlandt, born Oct. 11, 1648; bap. Oct.
25, 1648; died unmarried.

4.   Fytie [Sophia] Van Cortlandt, born May 31, 1651; bap. June 4,
1651; m. May 6, 1671, Andries Teller, j. m. Van N. Albania, son of
Wiilem Teller and Margariet Dunces   (Donchesen).

5.   Catharina Van Cortlandt, born Oct. 25, 1652; bap. Jan. 5,
1653 ; m. ist Nov. 3, 1675, Johannes Dervall, j. m. Van Amsterdam;
he died Feb. 18, 1689, and his widow m. 3d Nov. 30, ^1692, De Hr. Fred-,
erick Philipszen (Phillipse), wedr. of Margariet Hardens (Hardenbroeck),
the first Lord of the Manor of PhiHpsburg.

6.   Cornelia Van Cortlandt, born Nov. 21, 1655; bap. Nov. 28,
1655 ; m. July 12, 1682, Brandt Schuyler, j. m. Van N. Albania, son of
Philip Pieterse Schuyler and Margareta Van Slechtenhurst. He was born
Dec. 18, 1659, (Prof. Pearson, to whom we are indebted for the date of
Brandt Schuyler's birth, says, in his " First Settlers of Albany," page 98, that
he married 2d, April 16, 1741, Margareta Van Wyck. It was his grand¬
son, Bfandt, the son of Philip Brandtse Schuyler and Anna Pllizabeth
Staats, who married Margareta Van Wyck, and died Aug. 15, 1752. Their
children were baptized in the Dutch Church in New York.)

7.   Jacobus [James] Van Cortlandt, born July 7, 1658; his baptism
is recorded the same day; m. May 7, 1691, Eva PhiUipse, dau. of Freder¬
ick Phillipse and Margariet Hardenbroeck.

I. Govert Loockermans,^ the most noted of his family, was born at
Turnhont, a town in the Netherlands, and came to New Amsterdam in
April, 1633.    It appears he left Holland with Director General Wouter

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