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1774.—The proposal of Christopher Colles, heretofore
preferred to this Board respecting the building of a Re-
servoir and the conveyance of fresh water through the
city, being under consideration, it was resolved that it be
carried into execution.

Messrs. Augustus and Frederick Van Cortland offered
to convey to the Corporation sufficient ground, fronting
Great Gorge Street, (now Broadway, above Chambers
Street,) as might be necessary for the Reservoir, at the
rate of í600 per acre, which being thought reasonable, it
was resolved to purchase the same, provided that upon
sinking a well there, the water should be found of good

Having subsequently tried the experiment of digging a
well, and judging the water to be of a very good quality,
the Corporation resolved to carry out the plan, and to
issue notes to the amount of £2,500, to be drawn up in
the following sums, 4,000 of sixpense, (ílOO,) 4,000 of one
shilling each, (i200,) 4,000 of two shillings (£400,) 4,000
of four shilling, (£800,) and 2,500 of eight shillings,
(£1,000;) and Mr. CoIIes was directed to enlarge the well
and go on with the work.

The Board soon after entered into a contract with
parties at Albany for 60,000 feet of pitch-pine tiraber, for
the making of pipes for the water works, for the sum of
£1,250. The land purchased for the purpose, (about two
acres,) was paid for. The sum of £1,000 was advanced to
Colles in 1774, and in 1775 £600. In January, 1776, the
Board allowed Mr. Colles £10 per month toward his sup-
port. In March, 1776, new notes, to the amount of £2,000,
were issued toward defraying the expense of the water
works. The works were completed about April, 1776, and
Mr. Colles was appointed to take charge of them, at £6
per month. This Reservoir stood on the present east side
of Broadway, between Pearl and White Streets.

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