Milne, A. A. Mr. Pim passes by

(New York :  S. French,  [c1921])



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BcENi;.—The sam>e scene and furniture with addition ef m eamf
table and fve camp chairs outside on terrace at back centre. Lunch
is over.    Lady Marden's whip and gloves are on writing-table.

(Anne enters with coffee for five on salver, from double doors b., and ii
about to place it on table l.c. when Olivia, who foUows her on^ says :)

Olivia.   We'll have coffee on the terrace, Anne.

Anne.   Very good, madam.     (Moves up l. and ptaees salver

on camp table on terrace.)

(Lady Marden follows Olivia from double doors r.    Annb crossei
at hack of windows to r.)

Olivia.   We'll have coffee on the terrace. Aunt JuUa.

(Lady Marden crosses in front of Olivia and up l. through winr
dows and sits B. at bach of camp table. Geobob follows Lady
Harden, meets Olivia, and both throw up their arms despairingly.
Olivia crosses up l. through windows and sits to h. of camp table.
Dinah and Brian follow Geobob on.)

(Annb exits at doors b.)

(George tumst and seeing Dinah is annoyed, follows Ouvia up
L. and sits l. of Lady Mabden.)

Dinah (to Bbian).   I know Aimt Julia likes a little music.

(Dinah comes doum to piano and takes up small guitar. Bbiah
crosses to L., laughing at her. She goes up l. of writing-tMe,
playing and singing, and crosses round back of writing-table and
sits to B. of camp table. Bbian foUows her and stands with his back
to windows. Qbobgb and Lady Marden are annoyed with Dinah's
playing, and tell her to stop, and she does so. Olivia pours milk
ifnto Dinah's cup and Bbian passes it to her; she drinks and then
commences to play again and is stopped by looks from Lady Mabden
and George.)

Lady Harden (to Dinah).   No f   No I   Don't do It I
Olivia.   Your aunt does not like it, dear.

(George and Olivia want to be alone, so do Brian and Dinah.
At last Brian murmurs something about a cigarette-case, and catch^

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