Brown, T. Allston A history of the New York stage from the first performance in 1732 to 1901 (v.2)

(New York :  Dodd, Mead and Co.,  1903.)



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"Brunhild,"once; "Adrienne, the Actress," three times; "Emelia
Galotti," twice; "Gladiator of Ravenna," twice; "Don Carlos,"
once; "Marianna," twice; "Romeo e Giulietta," and " Macbeth,"
once, and "Egmont," once.

Dec. 6, "Linda di Chamounix" was sung. March i8, 1867, the
sufferers by Barnum's Museum fire took a benefit afternoon and
evening. The attractions in the afternoon were an address by Mr.
Barnum and a performance of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," with Mrs.
Howard as Topsy. In the evening " Pale Janet" was performed,
and Mile. Diani and others contributed to the entertainment. The
principal event of the following week occurred on Friday. It
was the performance between the second and third acts of
Brignoli's new symphony, "A Sailor's Dream," under the com¬
poser's direction.

"Un Ballo in Maschera," March 30, 1868, was acted by the
De La Grange and Brignoli company, Mme. de La Grange in
the title r61e. Miss McCulIoch, Stella Bonheur, Brignoli, and
Orlandini in the cast. Mile. Bonheur sang Orsini in " Lucrezia
Borgia;" "Robert le Diable" was given on Friday, with Joseph
Herrmann as Bertram.

The Artists' Union gave a week of Italian opera, commencing
April 13, 1868, with Carl Bergmann as conductor. Janauschek
returned with her German company and gave six performances,
commencing April 22. E. L. Davenport took a benefit April 30,
when he played "Hamlet," with the following people supporting
him: D. H. Harkins, Lewis Baker, Harry Hawk, John Huntley,
Ryer, George Clarke, F. G. Maeder, W. James, J. Wilson, H. H.
Pratt, T. E. Morris, W. S. Higgins, Claude Burroughs, J. Turner,
S. Drake, Irene Gay, Kate Ryner, and Isabella Preston. H. L.
Bateman had a benefit May 2. At the matinee "La Belle Helene"
was given, and in the evening the first two acts of " La Grande
Duchesse " were sung with the second act of " La Belle H^l^ne "
and the drama of "The Old Guard," in which Mr. Bateman
appeared, for the first time in many years,  acting Haversack.

Dan Bryant played "Handy Andy" and "The Irish Emigrant,"
May 7. The proceeds of the performance Mr. Bryant gave to the
American Dramatic Fund. The opera season terminated May 6.
During its progress the following operas had been sung: " Don
Giovanni," three times; "I Puritani," once; "Otello," once; "II
Barbiere," four times; "Norma," three times; "Crispino," three
times; " II Trovatore," three times; " Faust," three times;
"Ernani," once; "Lucia," once; "Huguenots," five times; "Don
Bucefalo," three times; " L'Africaine," twice;*" Romeo e Giulietta,"
four times; "Don Pasquale," once, and "Linda," once; in all thirty-
nine representations.

Dec. 3, De Pol's spectacular sensation, "The Golden Branch, or
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