Brown, T. Allston A history of the New York stage from the first performance in 1732 to 1901 (v.2)

(New York :  Dodd, Mead and Co.,  1903.)



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Estelle Clayton
. Max Freeman
.   Edwin Arden

Alexis......Fred Bryton   Micheline

Poleska.....Agnes Booth   Kenlikoff

Baroness......Ada Dyas   Osip .    .

Ivan......W. J. Le Moyne

It had been previously played here by amateurs in December, 1882.
A matinee for the benefit of the Actors' Fund, was given Thursday,
April 12. Geo. W. Cable, the novehst, gave readings afternoon
of April 23. "The Russian Honeymoon " was acted until June 4,
when the theatre closed for the regular season. The fourth summer
season commenced June 5, with William Young's play, " The Rajah,
or Wyncot's Ward," which had this cast:

Harold Wyncot
Gladys   .     .     .
Joseph Jekyll .    .
Emilia Jekyll .
Richard Jocelyn

Geo. Clarke

.    Rillie Deaves

W. J. Le Moyne

. Enid Leslie

. Thos. Whiffen

Mrs. Pringle  .    .   Mrs. Thos. WhifEen
Buttons ......    Alfred Klein

Cragin......Max Freeman

Job Jekyll......J. Frankau

Saturday matinees were omitted during the summer, but Wednes¬
day matinees were commenced June 13. August 20 H. M. Pitt
acted Harold Wyncot; Carrie Turner, Gladys ; Esther Lyon, Mary;
and J. O. Barrows, Richard. Marion Elmore first appeared Sept. 10,
as Emilia.

The one hundredth night was Sept. 11. Geo. Clarke reappeared
as Harold Oct. 8, Dominick Murray was seen as Cragin, Marie
Burroughs as Gladys, and E. M. Holland (first appearance at this
theatre) as Job Jekyll.

" The Rajah " reached its one hundred and fiftieth performance
Oct. 31. An extra matinee on Nov. 6 (Election Day) was given.
The play was withdrawn Dec. 10, when Henry C. De Mille's drama
"Delmer's Daughter, or Duty," was produced with this cast:

Dr. Van Arnem
John Delmer .
Martha . . .
Margaret    .    .

.   Walden Ramsay

.    W. J. Le Moyne

Mrs. Thos. Whiffen

.   Fanny Reeves

Esther.......Enid Leslie

Rhoda.....Marie Burroughs

Dr. West.....       Geo. Clarke

Paley......Thos. WhifEen

Proving a failure, it was withdrawn Dec. 17, and " The Rajah " was
revived. "The Rajah" was acted for the last time Jan. 29, 1884.
The theatre was closed Jan. 30, and Boyesen's play, " Alpine Roses,"
was seen for the first time Jan. 31 and thus cast:

Ilka......Georgia Cayvan

Irma.....Marie Burroughs

Uberta .... Mrs. Thos. Whiffen
Count Von Dornfield, Richard Mansfield
Countess Von Dornfield

Mme. Liska Von Stamwitz

Herr Von Steinegg .       Thos. Whiffen
Julius Hahn    .    .    .    W. J. Le Moyne

Hansel......Geo. Clarke

Wimple.....W. H. Pope

Roudel......Harry Hogan

Mme.  Modjeska appeared in "Adrienne Lecouvreur," afternoon
of March 6, for the benefit of the Palish school.   " Alpine Roses " was
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