Brown, T. Allston A history of the New York stage from the first performance in 1732 to 1901 (v.2)

(New York :  Dodd, Mead and Co.,  1903.)



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18793                                STEINWAY   HALL                                519

the Czar," Warlamoff's "Red Sarafan," and a wild, rugged, or¬
chestral product, " A Circassian March," founded on a local
melody, arranged by G.  Karlberg.

Edwin Forrest gave readings from Shakespeare and other poets,
commencing Nov. 19 with "Hamlet," and Nov. 22, "Othello."
The Dolby troupe reappeared in concert Nov. 28-30, and matinee
Dec. 2. Carlotta Patti gave a concert September, 1872, assisted
by Sig. Mario. J. M. Bellew, father of Kyrle Bellew, gave a
reading Feb. 8, 1873. Charlotte Cushman gave readings March
17, of "King Henry VIII. ;" March 19, selections from "Romeo
and Juliet;" March 21, "Macbeth;" and March 22, miscellaneous
readings. Mme. Anna Bishop was heard in concert May 10, 1873.
Pauline Canassa, Drasdil, Mme. Feretti, Alfred Wilkie, J. R.
Thomas, L. G. Gottschalk, A. H. Pease, and others appeared.

Charlotte Cushman gave readings Jan. 31, Feb. 2-4, 1874.
Titiens made her American debut Oct. 4. She died Oct. 3,
1877. Frederic MacCabe made his American debut Oct. 14, in
a " ventriloquial, musical, and saltatorial melange." Mile. lima
di Murska began a season of concerts Sept. 26, 1875, under the
management of D. De Vivo. Teresa Carreno, Ferranti, Sauret,
and Gaetano Braga were in the company.

Annette Essipoff, Russian pianist, made her American debut
Nov. 14, 1876. Martha Blanke, pianist, first appeared May 5, 1877.
Master Herman Rietzel, pianist, made his d6but May 10. George
Jones, the Count Joannes, assisted by his pupil, Avonia Fairbanks,
appeared Jan. 12, 1878, in scenes from "Othello," "Hamlet,"
"Richard HI.," and "Macbeth." August Wilhelmj, German vio¬
linist, made his first appearance here Sept. 26, 1878. The Red
Hussar Band, of Hamburg, Germany, were first heard in America
(in public) Nov. 2. Edouard Remenyi, Hungarian violinist, re¬
appeared in America, Nov. 11. Herman Linde, a German actor,
made his debut here Jan. 8, 1879, as an English reader. He gave
"Macbeth," which was repeated Jan. 11.

Mrs. Scott-Siddons reappeared here during the winter of 1879.
This lady did not make what is called an "unequivocal success"
until her return visit. Her beauty, of the highest and most intel¬
lectual type, and her dignity of demeanor, made her a welcome
visitor. On April 23, 1888, this lady reappeared here, and intro¬
duced her adopted son, Henry Waller, pianist. In his childhood
Mr. Waller was known in this country and in Europe as "Sera-
phael," a boy musician of extraordinary precocity, In 1876 he
met Mrs. Siddons, who was much impressed by his ability, and
adopted him as her son. At her expense he was educated in Eng¬
land, and afterwards completed his musical studies on the conti¬
nent under the guidance of such masters as Von Billow and Liszt.
Mrs. Scott-Siddons read scenes from " Much Ado About Nothing,"
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