Brown, T. Allston A history of the New York stage from the first performance in 1732 to 1901 (v.3)

(New York :  Dodd, Mead and Co.,  1903.)



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414     -^  HISTORY  OF  THE  NEW YORK STAGE     D895

the following night with his arm in a sling. The house was closed
the night of Nov. 19,and "Prince Ananias," by Francis Neilson and
Victor Herbert, was presented Nov. 20.    The cast was:

Boniface    .

Killjoy   . _.
Cerdic Aujers
La Fontaine
Eugene .    .
Louis Biron

Geo. Frothingham
. . . Peter Lang
William Castleman
H. C. Barnabee
. Joseph Sheehan
. W. H. McDonald

George Le Crabbe   .     Eugene Cowles
Idalia    .... Jessie Bartlett Davis

Ninette.....       Eloise Morgan

Felicie.....Josephine Bartlett

Mirabel......Mena Cleary

Eloise Morgan was out of the cast for two weeks, but reappeared
Dec. 10.

The Bostonians returned here, in "Robin Hood," Jan. 10, 1895,
with Helen Bertram as Maid Marian, formerly sung by Camille
d'Arville and later by Margaret Reid. This was the two thou¬
sandth performance of " Robin Hood; " Reginald de Koven, its
composer, conducted the orchestra.

" Madame Sans G^ne," by Sardou and ]£mile Moreau, was seen for
the first time in America Jan. 14, and had this cast:

Lauriston.....T. J. McGrane

Queen Caroline . . Marie Shotwell
Princess Elisa . . Henrietta Lander
Madame de Bulow . . Vivian Patee
Madame de Vintimille . . Vera Irving
Madame de Rovigo Virginia Stoddard
Madame de Canisy Mary A. Houston
Madame de Talhouet     W. May Carey

Napoleon  .    .    .    .

Marshal Lefebvre   .
Fouch^.    .
De Neipperg
Savary .    .
Tulip     .    .
Leroy    .    .
St. Marsan

Augustus Cook
. Harold Russell
. . Wallace Shaw
. James K. Hackett
. . James Cooper
Charies W. Stokes
. Charles Plunkett
Carroll Fleming
George R. Bowers

The Treasurers' club took its annual benefit Sunday night Jan. 27,
A new version of " Madame Sans G^ne," by Charles H. Meltzer.
was first seen here Feb. 21. The Postal employees had a benefit
afternoon of Feb. 21. Geo. Milne began a two weeks' engagement
March 9 in " Julius Csesar," appearing as Marc Antony, with Edeson
Dixon as Caesar; John Malone, Brutus; Henry Jewett, Cassius ; and
Mary Shaw as Portia. " The Fool's Revenge " was produced March
16 and March 21 ; " Hamlet," March 18, 19, 21; "Othello," March
20, with George Milne as lago, Henry Jewett as Othello, Mary Shaw
as Desdemona. The Whitney Opera company ventured in " Rob
Roy" March 23 ; " Excelsior, Jr.," was seen March 30, with Seymour
Hess as William Tell; " El Capitan," a comic opera by Philip Sousa
and Chas. Klein, was produced April 20: De Wolf Hopper, Alfred
Klein, John Parr, Edna Wallace Hopper, and Alice Hosmer in the

The house was closed April 6, and was reopened April 8 with
" Aladdin, Jr.," a spectacular extravaganza, with book by J. Cheever
Goodwin and music by W. H. Batchelor, W. F. Glover, and Jesse
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