The Greater New York Charter as enacted in 1897

(Albany :  Weed-Parsons,  c1897.)



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2                          Corporations Consolidated.                [§§ i, 2.

Tlie city of Ifew York; corporations consolidated; territory; short title
of this act.
Section i. All the municipal and pubhc corporations and
parts of municipal and public corporations, including cities, vil¬
lages, towns and schooldistricts, but not Including counties, within
the following territory, to wit: The county of Kings, the county
of Richmond, the city of Long Island City, the towns of New¬
town, Flushing and Jamaica, and that part of the town of Hemp¬
stead, in the county of Queens, which is westerly of a straight
line drawn from the southeasterly point of the town of Flushing
through the middle of the channel between Rockaway Beach and
Shelter Island, in the county of Queens, to the Atlantic Ocean,
are hereby annexed to, united and consolidated with the munici¬
pal corporation known as the mayor, aldermen and commonalty
of the city of New York, to be hereafter called " The City of
New York; " and the boundaries, jurisdictions and powers of the
said city of New York herein constituted, are for all purposes of
local administration and government, hereby declared to be
coextensive with the territory above described ; and the said city
of New York Is hereby declared to be the successor corporation
in law and in fact of all the municipal and public corporations
united and consolidated as aforesaid with all their lawful rights
and powers and subject to all their lawful obligations without
diminution or enlargement except as herein otherwise specially
provided ; and all of the duties and powers of the several munici¬
pal and public corporations united and consolidated as aforesaid
into The City of New York are hereby devolved upon the munici¬
pal assembly of the said city of New York so far as the same
are applicable to said city and not herein otherwise specially pro¬
vided, to be exercised In accordance with the provisions of this
act. This act may be cited by the short title of " The Greater
New York Charter."

* See L. 1882, oh. 410. § 1; L. 1885. oh. 469; and L. 1895, ch. 9S4, for bound¬
aries of city and county of New York; L. 1788, ch. 63, for Kings and Richmond
counties; L. 1788, ch. 64, for towns of Newtown, Flushing, Jamaica and
Hempstead. Long Island City was formerly a part of the town of New¬
town, L. 1871, oh. 461.

Division into boroughs.

^ 2. The City of New York, as constituted by this act, is hereby
divided Into five boroughs to be designated respectively : Man¬
hattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Richmond; the boun¬
daries whereof shall be as follows :
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