The Greater New York Charter as enacted in 1897

(Albany :  Weed-Parsons,  c1897.)



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4     Liabilities of Corporations Consolidated.    [^§ 4, 5

Xocal   government;   municipal   assembly; liabilities   of   corporations

§ 4. For all purposes the local administration and government
of the people and property within the territory hereby comprised
within The City of New York shall be in and be exercised by
the corporation aforesaid; and the municipal as.sembly, as in this
act constituted, subject to the conditions and provisions of this
act, shall exercise all the powers vested in the corporation of The
City of New York by this act or otherwise, save as in this act is
otherwise specially provided. All valid and lawful charges and
habilities now existing against any of the municipal or public
corporations, or parts thereof, which by this act are made part of
the corporation of The City of New York, including the county
of Kings and the county of Richmond, or which may hereafter
arise or accrue against such municipal and public corporations or
parts thereof, including the said counties of Kings and Rich¬
mond, which but for this act would be valid and lawful charges
or liabilities against the same, shall be deemed and taken to be
like charges against or liabilities of the said The City of New
York, and shall accordingly be defrayed and answered unto by it
to the same extent, and no further, than the said several constitu¬
ent corporations would have been bound if this act had not been
passed. All bonds, stocks, contracts and obligations of the said
municipal and public corporations, including the county of Kings
and the county of Richmond, and such proportion of the debt
of the county of Queens and of the town of Hempstead as shall
be ascertained as hereinafter prescribed, which now exist as legal
obligations, shall be deemed like obligations of The City of New
York, and all such obligations as are authorized or required to
be hereafter issued or entered into, shall be issued or entered
into by and in the name of the corporation of The City of New

L. 1883, ch. 410, §27.

(a) As to the liability of a city for    Lent, 16 Misc.  606; s.  c, 40  N. Y.

the debts of municipalities incorpor-    Supp. 570.

ated and for the proper proceedings       (fc) See Supervisors of N.Y. v. Tweed,

to fix such liabihty, see Bronx Gas &    3 Hun, 383 ; s. C, 6 Sup. Ct. (T. & 0.)

Electric Co. v. Mayor, 17 Misc. 433;    233.
S. C, 4t N. Y. Supp. 358; Matter of

Laws relating to the creation and payment of debts to remain in force;
common debt; taxation.

§ 5- All laws, or parts of laws, heretofore passed creating any
debt or debts of the municipal and public corporations united
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