The Greater New York Charter as enacted in 1897

(Albany :  Weed-Parsons,  c1897.)



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§ 226]                The Board of Estimate, etc.                      103

months prior to the date of the sale; and at least thirty days'
notice of such sale, including a description of the property to be
sold, shall be published in the City Record. The money received
in payment for the said lands and buildings shall be paid into
the sinking fund for the redemption of the city debt, if the prop¬
erty thus sold was acquired prior to January first, eighteen hun¬
dred and ninety-eight, and if acquired subsequent thereto, into
the sinking fund of The City of New York.
L. 1882, ch. 410, §g 186, 206.

TITLE   5.


Sec. 326. How constituted; duties; the annual budget.

337.  Payment of city's obligations to be provided for.

228. Duties when accumulations in sinking fund are insufficient.
239. Certain city bonds  and stocks;   annual  provisions  to  meet pay¬
ment of.

330.   Items to be included in annual estimate.

331.   Board of estimate to audit charges against city for costs, etc.

332.   Deficiencies; how provided for.

233.   Salaries of certain officers.

234.  List of persons and salaries not within a department.
335. Issue of certain stock and bonds authorized.

236.   Appropriation for prevention of contagious diseases.

237.  Board of estimate may transfer; excess of appropriations.

338.  Appropriations out of excise moneys to Home for Girls
239. Street sweeping contracts to be approved by board.
340. Excise moneys; how appropriated.

841. Appropriations for contesting office to be made for prevailing party -

Bow constituted; duties; the annual budget.

§ 226. The mayor, comptroller, corporation counsel, president
of the council, and the president of the department of taxes and
assessments shall constitute the board of estimate and apportion¬
ment. The first meeting of said board in every year shall be
called by notice from the mayor, -personally served upon the
members of said board. Subsequent meetings shall be called as
the said board shall direct. At such meetings the mayor shall
preside, and one of the number shall act as secretary. The said
board shall annually, between the first day of October and the
first day of November, meet, and by the afifirmative vote of all
the members make a budget of the amounts estimated to be
required to pay the expenses of condjcting the pubhc business of
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