Real estate record and builders' guide (v.31no.773(Jan. 6 1883)-no.798(June 30 1883))

([Brooklyn, N.Y.] :  C.W. Sweet & Co.,  1868-1884.)



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  v. 31, no. 775, suppl.: Page 37  

January 20, 1883

The Real Estate Record


Release mort. Gustavus H. Schneider, Phila¬
delphia, Pa., fco Hermann A. Rose, Chicago,
111.                                                                     53S

Same properfcy. Hermann A. Rose fco John C.
Provosfc.                                                         3.900

Harrison av, easterly cor Heyward st, 23x80,
h&l. Henry Kries to Anton Schubert and
Anna his wife, joiut tenants. Mort.
§3,000.                                                            5,350

Hudson av, w s, 43.4 s Marshall st, runs wesfc
67.6 X south 21.8 x west 22.6 x soutb 35 x
east 90 fco Hudson av,x north 46.8. Henry
and John Tomford eo The Atlantic Whifce
Lead & Linseed OU Co.                               T,O0O

Lexington av, n s, 100 e Grand av, 35x100.
Stephen R. Post to Joseph I. Kirby. Mort.
§1,000.                                                            1,600

Myrtle av, n s, 86.8 e Hudson av, 16.8x10.5.1x
16.11x103.1. h cfe 1. Margaret Phelan, Flush¬
ing, L. L, fco Daniel J. Phelan.                    4,100

Nassau av, s w cor Eckford st, 100x100. Kate
E. wife of Henry L. Leach, Mary A. wife of
Richard P., Charies, Adeline S. wife of
Thomas de Rivera, heirs J, Mui-pby, to John
and John, Jr., Englis.                                   6,T50

Nassau av, s e cor Leonard sfc, 100.^100. William
M. HuUto John Englis, Sr., and John Englis,
Jr.                                                                  6,500

Stone av, s w cor McDougall st, 75x100. Rich¬
ard Marsland to Noah Tebbefcts.    Mort. §500,


Stone av, s e corRapelyeav, 100x100, New
Lots. Ann E. Morton to Robert T. New-
come.    Mort. §150.                                          800

Union av, e s, 100 s Grand st, 25x100, h & 1.
Catharine Bodtz, widow, fco Sophie Trevir-
anus. Mort. §3,000, taxes and assessments,
also judgem6ut''§ia5.      See De Kalb av.    exch

Waverly av. es," l.Wu Gatesav. 26.8x100, h &
1.     Stephen   R. Post to Joseph 1. Kirby.6,000

Waverly av, -e s, 47.1 n Atlantic' av, 12x90, h
& I.    Stephen R. Post to Joseph I. Kirby. 3,,500

Washington av, e s, 192.3 n Lafayette av, i7.Sx
109.11. Abijah J.Williams to Jane B. W.
wife of Heury R. Heath.    Q. C.                  nom

Webster av, n w cor 1st st, 91x108x01x107.9,
Flatbush.    Abby E. Mapes to John Keenan


Willoughby av, n s, 153.8 e Kent av, 17.7x100.
George Phillips to Annie Gabriel. Mort.
§3,000.                                                            4,200

8d av, adj. W. H. Waring, Bay Ridge,
2 163-1,000 acr<;s. Alice wife of and James
Slater to George Self. Bay Ridge.                nom

4fch   av,   e s, 40 s  Pacific st, 20xSO,   h&l.

Geoi'ge  A.   Powers   to   Georgiana Powui's.

Morfcs., &c.                                                     nom

■ ifch av, n 6 cor 23d st,  60x87, h&l.    Henry

Hoffman to James J. Smith.     Moi't. §3,000


Same property. James J. Smith to Wilhel¬
mina C. Hoffmann.                                       nom

6fch av, ses, 38.3 s w I7fch sfc, 18x70. Edward
Edwards, Patchogue, L. I., to Oliver J.
WeUs.    C. a. G.    Morfc. §1,.500.                   3 500

9th av, s w cor 20lh sfc, 117.8x100x124.8x100.
Catharine Malone, Mobile, Ala., to Cecilia
A., Edward V. and Josephine F. Malone.
Q- C.                                                               nom

Gowanus Bay, e s, 758.3 s Hamilton av. runs'
south along Bay 36.9 x east 300 x north
36.9 xwest 200.

Gowanus Bay. e s, 595 south Hamilton av,
nins south 66 x easfc 200 x uorth 66 x wesfc

Gowanus Canal or Bay, es, 536 s Hamilton
av, 59x200.

Michael H. Hagerty and James H. MiiUarky
to Benjamin Richardsou.    Taxes, 1S8J.    21,263

Interior lot, SOO s Meserole av and 70 w Lori¬
mer st, runs west 30 xsouth 19 x easfc 30 x
norfch 19. Sfcepben M. Randall tD Wesley
Haff.                                                                 "300

Lot beginning at point 195 n TUlnry sfc aud
376.6 e Jay sfc, runs north .55.5 5 east 17.10 x
south 59.10 to Lawrence pi, x west 20.11), h &
1. Charles C. Terry to Charles F. Sweet.
Mort. §1,500.                                                  exch

Lot begins 125 s Fenimore st ond 437.6 e Flat¬
bush av, runs south 125 to Hawthorne st, x
east 100 x north 135 x west 100, Flatbush,
Homer L. Bartlett to ElizaVjetb Bennett.    3,000

Plot 4 acres at Gravesend, bet land of Donly &
Gerritsen. Austin Corbiu fco The Coney Is¬
land Jockey Club.                                        1,300

Yellow Hook to New Utrecht road, westerly of road from Port Hamilton to New
Utrecht, 6 acres 3 roodsand IS44-luO perches.
Foreclos. Gerard M. Stevens fco Emma
Barnsdall, New Brunswick, N. J.                1,600

Assignment of all  property.      Nathaniel   A.

Boyntou fco Louis Lafrauce.    Jan. 13.        nom

Lasfc will and testament of Lydia M. Booth,
dec'd, with probate thereof.

Release of administrator. Catharine A. Luth¬
er, Huldab D. Sanford, Sarah A. Bertine aud
John R. Farrell, heirs Mary F. Luther, fco
John F. Luther, admr. of Mary F. Luther. 1,384

Release of executor of testate of J. H. Brundage,
dec'd. Estelle B. Holt, Edward H., Marie
L., James H, and Percy H. Brundage to Ed¬
ward Hincken.                                              nom

Ratification of deed of trust. Louise or Louisa
M. Murray to EUen M. Murray.    Ra-record-

NEW lOEK eilT.

January 12, 13,15, 16, 17, 18.

Aldhous, Frederick, to The German Savings
Bakiv, City New York. 76th sfc. n s, 185 e
Madison av, 60x102.3.    Jan. 13, 1 year.  $90,000

Ackerman, Jacob W., to The Broadway Sav¬
ings In'ST. 117th sfc, s s, 300 w 3d av, 2Sx—x
—xl03; interior lot, on centre line, bet 116th
st and 117th st, at point 335 w 3d av, runs
north 23 x southeast to said centre line, x
west 25; mortgage says together forming one
lot25x>.J the block, which would be 100.11
deep, while one side of first lot is 103. Jan.
15, lyear.                                                      4,000

Andrews, David C, to Mayer Sternberger.
SOth St. P.M. Dec. 16, due Jau. 11, 1886, 5
per cent.                                                       15,000

Same to same. 5fch av. P. M. Dec. 16, due
Jau. 11. 1886, S per cenfc.                             35,000

Barnes, Charles, to Silas D. Gifford, Easfcches-
fcer. Morris av, e s, 75 n 149th st, 25x100.3.
Jan. 1. dueJulyl, 1S8S.                                1,000

Baum, Biene, to Maurice Ober. TSth st. P.
M.     Jan. IT, 2 vears.                                   3,000

Same to I.udwig Falk. 78fch sfc, n s, 139 w 3d
av, 13.10x102.2.    Jan. 17, 1 year.                 1,000

Bennett, Thomas, to Mai-garefc R. French. Hud¬
son, N. Y. 84fch sfc, n s, 250 e 2d av, 20x102.
Jan. 16, due Jan. I, 1886. S per cenfc.         10,000

Same to same. S4fch sfc, n s, 270 e 2d av, 20x103.
Jan. 16, due Jan, 1, 1886, 5 p r cenfc,            6,000

Bogardus, Washington A. H., fco Josiah E,
Dewey, Broome st. No. 20, n s, 25 w Mhh-
gin st, 35x40.    Jan. 17, due in Jan., 1S85.   1,200

Brandon. Isabella, wife of Alexander, to Mrs.
Fanuie ii. Goodrich. ■5tb av, s w cor llTtb
st, 100.10x100,    Jan. 16, due May 1. 1886.   3,500

Button, Jane C., widow, Hampton, Coun., to
Lucy T. Church, trustee for Lucv A. Church.
133d st, s s, 100 e 7fch av, 75x99.11. Jan. 3, 1
year.                                                               5,000

Barry, Patrick, fco Philo T. Ruggles, ref. Audu¬
bou av. See Conveys. Jau. 4, 3 years, 5 per
cenfc.                                                                 432

Bauer, Samuel, to Mary Snyder, 121st st. No.
127 E., ns, lll.9w Lexington av, 16.3x100.11.
Jan. 1, 5 years, 5 per cenfc.                           4,600

Belvin, John A., Brooklyn, and Louis Sieber,
to Isaac and Albert Deutsch. 63d st, s s, 205
w 2d av, 50xl0n.,5,    Dec. 27, notes.            14,954

Boehm, Ferdinand, fco Gustavus B. Sanford.
East Houston st, n s, 90 e Av D, 20x106. Jan.
12, due April 15. 1SS3.                                      170

Boroschek, Henrietta, wife of and Wolf, to
Thic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank,
Madison st, n s, 104.4 w Jackson st, 26.1x100.
Jan  13, 1 year.                                             6,000

Brand, Christian, to Margaret E. Adriance.
3d av. P. M. Jan. 8, due Jan. 15, 1885, S
per cent.                                                       10,000

Same fco same, 3d av. P. M. Jan. 8, due Jan.
15, 188.5, S per cent.                                     10 000

Brecher, George, Newark, N. J., to George J.
Schamherger. Sfchst. n s. 100 w Av A, 2Sx
97.    Lease.    Jan. 11, due Jan. 1, 18S6.        1,400

Brown, Joseph O., fco Alex. P. and Edgar, Jr.,
Ketchum, exrs. E. Ketchum. 137th sfc. P.
M.    Jan. 13, 2 years.                                    2.500

Butler, Cecilia Ann, to-The Equitable Life
AssuR. Soc, United States. Howard st.
No. 3. s s, 36.1 w Centre st, 25.6x100x25x100,
Jan. 18. due Dec. 1, 1883.                              7,000

Binzen. Theresia, wife of Jobn P., to Patrick
Sheridan, Elizabeth, N. J. 2d av, 131sfc st.
P. M. Jan. 18. at any time bet. Jau. 18,
1884, and Jan. IS, 1888.                               12,000

Same to John Eichler. 2d av, 131st st. P. M.
Jan. IS, duo Jan. 18, ^836.                            7,000

Breen. Bathsbeba. wife of and James R., to
William T. Whittemore et al,, exrs. and
trustees H. Lawrence, dec'd. 7ist st, n s, 335
w 3d av, 30x100. Jan. IT, due Jan. 18, 1886,
4% per cenfc.                                                14,000

Clark, James J., to The Emigrant Industrial
Savings Bank. Sth st, n s, 342.4 e Av B,
20.Tx69.10.    Jan. 18,1 year.                            500

Cahill, Mary, wife of Thomas, fco The German
Savings Bank. Citv New York, Slst st, s s,
304 e 4fch av. 31x102.3,    Jan, 13. 1 year.    lT,-500

Cain, Joseph H,, fco Philo T. Ruggles, referee.
Edgecombe road. See Conveys, Jan. 4, 3
years, 5 per cenfc,                                             594

Clarkson, Thomas S., fco Mary Clarkson. 23d
St. s s, 363.11 w Sth av, 35.6x98.9. Dec. 24,
due Feb. 1, 1887, S per cent.                         5,000

Cohen, Harris and Abraham, to Conrad Web¬
er. Foisyth St. P. M. Jan. 13, due April
21, 1884.                                                          3,000

Cole, WiUiam L., to Ida A. Cole. 3d av, No.
510, w s, 23.6 n 34th sfc, runs west 51 x norfch
0.10 X wesfc 8 X north 81.5 x east 8 s north
0.10 X eastol to3dav, xaoufch 33.1. Oct. 1,
10 years.                                                        5,000

Daly, Daniel, to Ana Swanton, Brooklyn.
Oliver st, No. 76. P. M. Oct. 31, due Nov.
1, 1886, 5 per cenfc.                                        4,000

Dean, Lofcfcie L., wife of Harvey N., fco Tbe
American Baptist Home Mission Soc. 121st
sfc.  n s, 40 w 4th av, 30x100.11.    Oct. ST, 1


Same to same. 12Ist st, n 's, 20 w ith av, 20x
100.11.    Oct. 27, 1 year.                             12,000

Same to same. 121sfc st, nwcor 4th av, 20x
100.11.    Oct. 27, 1 year.                              13,000

Same to William M. Isaacs. 121st st, n s, TOO
w4thav, 21.3x100.11,    Oct. 16. 6 months. 10,000

Same to same. 121st st.n s, 131.3 w 4th av,
21.3x100.11.    Sept. 23, 1 year.                    12,500

Danziger, Max, to Roberfc B, Roosvelt. 109th
St.   P. M.     Nov. 18, due Jan. 15, 1884.    20,000

Day, Henry, fco William E. Scovil, Bro';klyn.
r34th sfc. u s, ^00 w 7fch av, ruus west 125 x
north 199.10 fco 135th sfc, x easfc 75 x soufch to
laud late of P. Meyer, Sr.. x northeast fco
point 350 from Stb av, x north fco IS.Sfch sfc, x
easfc 35 x south 199.10. Jan. 2, due July,
18S3, 5 per cent.                                           25,000

Decker, Clara, to Jarvis B. Smith. Cedar at,
ss, 100w Forrest av, 25x100. Jan. 12, due
May 1, 1883, notes.                                          740

Dexter, Jobn W., to Alexander Brown, Phila¬
delphia, 9th st, u s. 283 8 w Sth av, 26.3x
82.3.    .ran. 10, 5 years, 5 per cent.             23,000

Duffy, James, to Frances A. Barnard, 54th
St.    P.M.    Jan. 13, 3years.                       10,000

Dobbin, James, fco Mary Fitzsimmons. 44tb st,
s s, 305 6 3d av, 25x100.5. Jan. 16, 5 years, 5
per cenfc.                                                        2.500

Drechsel, Charles, to Barbara and Peter J.
Sfceyb. 36th sfc. P. M., wifch agreemenfc fchafc
exisfcing first mortgage may be canceUed and
another first mortgage substifcufced. Jan.
1.5, due Dec. IS, 1884. instaUs. 5 per cenfc.    3,000

Edwards, John, Newburg. N. Y., to Michael
Giblin and Jeremiah C. Lyons. 124fch sfc and
Lexington av.    P. M.    Jan. 3, 1 year,       4,000

Eisele, Rudolph, to Johu B, Ryer. lS9th st, s
s, 200 6 Courtlandt av, 25x100. Jan. 6, 5
years.                                                             3,000

Enos, Juliette C. widow, to The Mutual
Life Iks. Co., New York. 40th sfc, No. 13,
W., s s, 310 w 5fch av, 25x98.9. Jan. 12, due
March 1, 1884.                                              20,000

Fenfcon. Charles H., to Erastus Brainerd, Port¬
land, Conn. 138th sfc, s s, 375 w Tfch av, SOx
99.11. Subject to morts. §34,000. Jan. 13, 3
monihs,                                                            905

Fink, Henry J., to Diederich Fink. 13th st.
P, M,    Jau. 16, 2 years, 4 per cent.             5.O0O

Flaherty, Marie E., widow, to Edward H.
Ludlow. SSth St. No. 115 W.. n s, ISll w 6th
aV, 20x93.9.    Jan. 13, 3 years, 5 per cent.  6,000

Frazer, Alexander, morfcgagor, with The Trus¬
tees of the Irish Pi'esbyterian Congregation,
New York. Agreement extdg mort. and re¬
ducing interest to S per cenfc.
Goggin, Joseph R., to Albert E. PhiUips. lOfch
3t, s s, 200 w Sd av, 20x71x31.1x64.5. Lease¬
hold. Error, rear course omitfced. Jan.
16, 1 year. •                                                       600

Gerken, John, fco The Unitel States Fibe
Ins. Co. 155fch sfc, ss, 100wSthav, 75x99.1;.
Ja.n. 13, 1 year.                                            10,000

Germond, WeUington, tn John T. Towusend,
ti-ustee Hannah T. Totvnsend, dec'd. SOth
st. P.M. Jan. 13, 5 years, 5 per cent. 5,000
Giliio, James B., and Alexander Walker, to
John J. Astor. 4Tth sfc. P. M, Jan. S, due
July 23, 1884, 5 per cent.                              5,535

Gommel, Friedrich. to Adam Scbepp et al.,
exrs. J. B. Baader.    10th st, s s, 316.4 w Av

D, 34.6x93.-3.   Jan. 11, 5 y^ars, 5 per cent. T,000
Hamilton,   Charles   A.,   Milwaukee, Wis.,  to

Samuel S. and B.  A.   Sands,  trustees  Mary

E.  Sands, dec'd.    Sth av,  s w cor 95th st,
35.3x100.    Jan. 8, due Feb. 1, 18'-'6, 5 p. c.   .5,000

Hannigan, Ellen E., to Sbubael E. Swain,
Jersey City. Av. D, Nos. 20 and 23, n e cor
3d st, 48x75; Stanton st, Nos, 334 and 336, n
B, 39.10 w Mangin st, 39.10x70. Jan. 7, 1883.
1 year, Spercent.                                         1.010

Harloe, George H., to Charles F. Crary. 83d
st, ss, 300 w 9tb av, 64.8x103.3. Jan. 11, 1
year.                                                              4.000

Hastings, WiUiam, to Catharine and Mary E.
Hastings. Centre st, e s, about 130 s Grand
St. 33.7x37.8.x23.Sx35.8.    Dec. 19, 3 years.   6,000

Hearn, John, to The Immigrant Industrial
Savings Bank, N. Y. IStli st. ns, 320.6 e
Av A, 35x103.3.    Jnn. 12, 1 year.               0,000

Hill, Daniel F., Brooklyn, to John Davidson,
Ebzabeth, N. J. 130th st, n s, 400 e Tth av.
.50x99.11.    Jan. 6, due Feb. 1, 18S.3.              2,200

Hogg. Thomas D., Raleigh, N. C, to Wood¬
bury Kane. Grand st, n s, 50 w Elm st, 60.4
x12,5.1x49.11xl35.1. Jau. 16, due Feb. 1, 18h6,
414 per cent.                                                 2(i,000

Heskin, John B., to Howard W. Coates and
auo., exrs, G. H. Peek. 145th st. P. M. Dec.
23, 1 year.                                                      5,008

Heintze, John G., fco Wm. C Lesster. Sfc.
Nicholas av cor 127thafc. P. M. Jan. IT, due
Jan. 13,1884.                                                35,000

Ingram. Maria, wife of James, to William Bos-
well, Brooklyn. 4tb av, n w cor SSth st, 19.9
x75.    Jan. 15, due Jun. 16, 1888, 5 per ct.    4,000

Judge, Thomas, to The Emigrant Indi'st.
Savings Bank, New York. 4th av. e s, 02.2
n Slst st, 30xSD.    Jau, 18, due Jan. 18, '84' 4,000

Juch, Wilhelmine, wifa of William A., to Wil¬
liam M. Isaacs. 107fch st, n s, 160 w 2d av, 25
XlOO.ll.   Jan. 13, 3 monfcha.                         6,000

Same to William F, Lee. J07th st, n s, 185 w
3d^T, S5S100.U.    Jan. 13, Smontbs.      '   C,000


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